This full face snorkel mask is specially designed for adults, it have different size of S/M and L/XL to choose, people can choose the correct size according to their face size, for the detail, please click the product to see full description. The mask materials are imported liquid silicone and PC, they are all 100% nontoxic.

The mask is dry-top design, the breath tube design used the float principle, when the tube in the water, the floating balls float and prevent water get in the breathing at the press of water, when the mask out of water, the ball float and water in the tube coming out . we tested the mask try-top function in different place like the sea, rivers and pools ,shows the function is really good.

The mask is an anti-fog design, the special inhale & exhale system keeping make the fresh air in and the non-fresh air out of the breath tube, so you can fell breath easy for long time when dive under water.

The mask is a wide view design, when snorkel or dive under water, you can have a 180 degree view and find a lot of funs from the radian lens design, the mask can add a go pro mount, you can even put on the action camera to take a video and record all the great things under water.

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