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Australia customer Ninja Shark visit RKD factory

Australia customer Ninja Shark visit RKD factory


                                                                                                               Keeping innovation and quality, win the market

October 30, 2018, it’s a sunny day, also a happy day for RKD, because our products sales will have a major breakthrough soon  in an important market - Australia

Today, Catalin, who is person in charge of the famous Australian diving brand Ninja Shark’, and his colleague visited our factory during the period of the 124th Canton Fair, we discussed to do more closer cooperation. This brand is a heavyweight company in the Australian market for diving products. It used to cooperated with a number of suppliers who  produce snorkeling mask and related products and has been leading the online sales market in Australia. Since the beginning of this year, They started to test selling our Generation 1,Gerneration 2 and generation 2.5 full face snorkel mask respectively.

Our unique integrated molding, dual airflow, CO2 safety, ear pressure balance, universal size gasbag design bring a full new experience to local users. After the product is launched, they won praises from consumers quickly and continuously increased orders. while doing a good product, we also do a good job in protecting intellectual property such as patents, which plays an important role in protecting our customers and consumers. Compared  the similar kinds of products to other suppliers, Our products bring the least complaints to customers. At the same time, it brought  most profit and brand value for them, which made the customer very impressed with our product and our team. Therefore, they want to strengthen the long-term cooperation with us and make our company's products as their main business line of the Australian market. They intent to sign the sole agent of our products in Australian market and promised a large number of sales, the same time seeking to expand cooperation opportunities in bigger market.

During the meeting, the communication between us was very pleasant. One the way back the client advised to take a photo to record the moment with our vice president Aaron. We are sure that this is a milestone in the new stage of cooperation. After returning to the hotel, the customer did not forget to send us a greeting, saying that they were very happy with the visit trip to our factory, and once again appreciated the our leadership and team work.

Customer’s high praise given us greater confidence. We will continue to innovate, explore and develop high quality outdoor and water products. In the near future, our products will have a important position in the whole diving world.

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