This new full face snorkel masks is an universal size design, it’s proposed to fit for almost all is and over 12 years old people. The gasbag design make the mask wear more comfortable and sealed better, a smaller face design make the mask can fit for more people, so usually one family can use the same snorkel mask to diving, snorkeling or swimming.

The soft nose part design make the mask works as an equalizer, the function is ear press balance, as a professional diver, you will find when you dive or scuba deep you will be easy to feel press from water, squeeze your nose, the press will be release and feel much better.

The snorkel mask made from imported liquid silicone and PC materials, it’s 100% nontoxic. the inner tube and one-way valve design made the independent inhale & exhale system, make sure the Co2 content is much lower than other snorkel mask and breath natural, people can dive under water longer time than others but no feeling of uncomfortable.

You can choose different head strap for your mask, the clip joint, the elastic bank and the silicone button type, just use the one which more fit for you.

 All these designs made our snorkel mask be a real full-dry safety snorkel mask, of course, you can have a better experience if add a go pro camera to video what you see in the water.

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