This full face snorkel mask is specially designed for kids, the materials are imported liquid silicone and PC and 100% nontoxic, and it’s anti-corrosion. We call the size XS, it is light weight.

The mask is one-piece design and the only one of this design, the PC part and silicone part combined by the double injection technology,  it sealed better and looks more high end, compared with others, all the other snorkel mask are assembly type, when snorkel under water, the PC parts and silicone are very easy to separate by water press and then water in, this experience is very bad and not safe under water.

You can see our mask added the earplug design, this is also an unique design which can prevent the big press from water to make people feel uncomfortable when use the snorkel mask dive under water. when you use the mask you can put the earplugs into your ears, when you don't need to use you can hold the earplugs in the exact design position.

The radian lens design make sure kids can have a wide view after wear the mask and can see more interesting things in the water, the mask have a go pro mount, so you can add the action camera to video what you see and enjoy the happy time.

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