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New Choice for Strap

New Choice for Strap


Recently, we design two new straps, a snap joint strap and silicone strap, providing more choices to customers.
Different from the conventional elastic strap, the snap joint strap may help us wear the full face snorkel mask easier. Just press the button, bypass the sides of head, then button up.

As for the silicone strap, after snorkeling, it will not be soaked.

1. How to Correctly Wear Full Face Snorkel Mask?

Easy 4 steps to use

Remove the full face snorkel mask from its mesh package, and firmly attach the breath tube to the mask. Keep your chin close to the bottom of mask, then slip to it, a soft, seal silicone around our face. Adjust the elastic strap up or down to feel comfortable.  

2. Possible Causes of Leaking and Solutions

*Choose the wrong size

Finding out the right size mask that fit your face is the most critical element of wearing a full face snorkel mask. For RKD 1st generation full face snorkel mask, there are S/M,L/XL for you to choose from, please see the dimension below to help you choose the right size.

For RKD Gen 2 mask, there is only one size, suitable for people aged 12 and up, thus avoiding the trouble of choosing size.

*wear wrong

Please refer to. (How to Correctly Wear Full Face Snorkel Mask?) to correctly wear the full face snorkel mask.

*not seal well

Honestly speaking, some customers ask if it is suitable for people with beard. Snorkeling with beard may not be a good idea. The silicon skirt is a watertight seal against our face, if beard comes in the way, it gives access to water to enter the mask.