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RKD new dive mask coming!

RKD new dive mask coming!


RKD designed a new full face mask which can do deep dive under water, it’s still one-piece gasbag and universal size design, so can fit all most all adults and kids over 12 years old,we made a test in the dive club last Monday(3rd,Sep,2018).

At the beginning, the diving instructor tested wear the old diving equipment compared wear the new diving mask to dive under water, the new mask can dive very easy, you can breath naturally and don't need to use a mouth piece, don't need the professional knowledge and dive experience, new users can dive freely like professionals, it's a very good choice for explore diving, we wore the mask dived into the water for a testing ourselves, it's so easy, because of the club water is only 5 meters deep, so we can only test a five meters deep diving this time, we are sure wear the new mask can dive more deep like 10 meters,20 meters, we will do more test in river and in the sea.

We plan to take the new mask attend DEMA SHOW 2018 in Las Vegas, USA this November, you will can use the new mask to make a diving, enjoy the underwater and sea world soon, please pay attention to our latest news.